Adventure Works Project:

Introduction | Database


  1. What is 'data science' / data analytics? - Yet another opinion PDF | HTML
  2. How do I to get started in & learn data science, data analytics? PDF | HTML
  3. The best options to study for SAS Certified Base Programmer for SAS 9 Credential PDF | HTML
  4. Combinatorial analysis & calculations using SAS functions – fact(), perm() and comb() PDF | HTML
  5. How to find out and use the number of observations in a given SAS data set PDF | HTML
  6. Referring to a SAS data set with its full filesystem path PDF | HTML
  7. Software choices to implement a remote database client/server network setup PDF | HTML
  8. Project to implement remote PHP web client/ MSSQL database server network setup PDF | HTML
  9. Connect to and query Microsoft SQL Server using SAS/ACCESS Interface to ODBC PDF | HTML
  10. Business opportunities from the analysis of customer data PDF
  11. GEOINT final project: Locating an Ebola treatment center based on GEOINT principles PDF
  12. A brief overview of the principles of geospatial intelligence for a commercial setting PDF
  13. Some questions to ask entrepreneurs PDF | HTML

Case Studies:

  1. Suitability of stationary demand models for forecasting PDF
  2. Performance characteristics of forecasting models PDF
  3. Improving the naïve model forecast using cumulative period model PDF
  4. Analysis of three black-box type demand forecasting models PDF
  5. Evaluation of stationary demand models PDF
  6. Choice of moving average or exponential smoothing for a particular product profile PDF
  7. Forecasting for Sugar Bon-Bon Cereals PDF
  8. Exponential smoothing models at TrainMax Systems PDF
  9. Forecasting with seasonal trends at BLAYK restaurant PDF
  10. Extracting initial parameters from an existing Holt-Winter forecasting model PDF


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